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Mental Health


Mental Health is on the rise across the nation and no more so than with secondary school students.  At MPS school we provide support through Thrive and Child Well Being Practitioners, as well as the support which can be gained through the Pastoral Team.  If you or your friend is having problems and do not know what to do, make a SHARP report, or alternatively, go and speak with your Learning Mentor, and they will be able to point you in the right direction for support.  Having a mental health illness is ok, and it is not unusual, doing something about it to help yourself is the important part.

If you are not in a place to ask for help yet in school please check out a few of the organisations below who are ready to support you through this.


ChildLine can offer support in a number of different areas, and also have people available to talk to.  Please use the phone number below or press on the logo to access their website.



'Kooth' is a provider that has counsellors at the other end of the line.  There are various chat groups which are monitored and completely anonymous.  You can go on and meet people your own age going through something similar to what you are.  This could be a great starting point to seeking out the support you need to get better.




CYP Safe Haven - Redhill 

The CYP Haven is a safe space where students can talk about worries and mental health in a confidential and friendly, supportive environment.  At the centre there is a Youth Mental Health Practitioner, a Children’s Rights Worker and a Youth Worker. This is where we refer immediately all students and their families in relation to any suicidal thoughts. Additional local support: CYP Haven in Redhill:



Lucy Rayner Foundation

The Lucy Rayner Foundation funds a team of qualified counsellors who help young people by working with them in a safe, therapeutic environment. We offer a minimum of six 1-1-sessions at no charge.

Counselling can help with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, low self-esteem, anger, or difficult life events, such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or work-related stress.

In counselling, people are encouraged to talk about their feelings and emotions with a counsellor who listens and supports without judgement or criticism.





Be Me Project



The Be Me Project helps build positive mental wellbeing and confidence in life. Supporting girls and women to celebrate that they are uniquely and wonderfully made for a purpose and to be equipped to build positive mental wellbeing and confidence in life. 


To see a video on what they do, click this link: