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Mental Health Support Team


The Mental Health Support Team for Specialist Schools in Surrey is a school-based service, which supports the mental health of children and young people in specialist schools across Surrey. 

We offer support and advice to key people (teacher and or parent/ carer) around the child or young person to enable them to identify any concerns, understand what has happened for that child or young person and support any developing mental health needs. 

This involves our team visiting specialist education schools at intervals during the year, to provide in person consultation sessions with staff to discuss children and young people. We offer access to virtual consultation clinics in between these visits so staff can reach us to discuss a situation of concern. 

We can work with school staff and parent/carers to enable them to nurture children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing. We link closely with other services and partners, this enables us to support the school to consider what services are available for children, young people and families through signposting. 

We also support specialist education setting to promote a whole school ethos and environment that supports the emotional and mental health of pupils, staff and the wider school community. 

Our team works closely with our Community Children and Young People Learning Disability Mental Health team.

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Or, put in a request for support on the SHARP system and one of our MPS Safeguarding team members will be in touch.